Owner Of "The Garden MainFraiM Design Co."

Will J. Thompson, Jr.  Nick Name: MainFraiM I want to create a new business The Garden MainFraiM Design Co.. My goal, is to work with one person at a time building and designing there garden. Price depends on what the owner wants. Maintaining the garden for you will be a monthly charge.

Asst. Gardener / My Father

Will J. Thompson / my Father I want to show my dad the business, get him into the gardening business also.

My Son, Kid Gardener

Ramon D. Thompson My Son, and I love him for ever. I plan on also getting him started when he gets older, and ask him if he wants to also be into gardening business.

I Truely Hope and Pray, I get some Donations, I would use the money to improve on the web site and business, I don't know how the donate button works but I do think it can help me. In return I would post the names of the donaters on this page if they wanted me to do so.  As a way of showing that this real person helped our business.grow. Paypal i have a free account until I get the business up and running.

Too all that donate money thank you again, for being kind hearted. 

Contact Tables

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 -MainFraiM Collectables for Sale as Grand Opening Item-

The Garden MainFraiM Design Co.

$ 100.00 USD

Garden MainFraiM Design Co. 

We-build-design-maintain-your garden for you, so now you can have a garden with out all the hard work, let us do it for you. Please e-mail if you are wanting a garden designed, sorry only taking Chicago, IL. customers at this time!!! Price to get started 100.00 dollars, I must talk with you before we get started.  e-mail me plz mainfraim@live.com 

100.00 to start design.


K.I.R keep it"N" ReaL "T-Shirts"

$ 100.00 USD

I made this Design My self, It is a old and original design, and if I get some orders I will make more of this Design.

100.00 for 2 Limited Edition Collection T-shirts as seen in Picture.


K.I.R Limited Edition Black & Blue Lettering Jacket

$ 500.00 USD

500.00 for 2 Limited Edition Black & Blue Lettering Jacket, Get it made custom from mainfraim@live.com please e-mail me before buying.

Act soon and get your first name printed on the right front side as a bonus for buying my, Now limited edition KIR keep it real Jeans. Clothing line.TM

We can talk about it all in e-mail first.

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